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Summer Pests

summer-300x200Summer can be a big season for pests, especially outdoors. These are the most common pests during the summer season.

These pests can easily cling to humans and bite you. They can be dangerous because they are able to transit diseases. Mosquitoes are mostly active at dawn and dusk. They are attracted to places where there is a lot of standing water. This is perfect for them to breed.

Ticks, specifically black legged deer ticks can transmit diseases. Ticks can be an even bigger problem for pets because they can cling to pets and can be hard to remove.

Bees & Wasps
Yellow Jackets, wasps, & bees enjoy being around food. If you have an outdoor event, they can be the uninvited guests and not only do they cause fear but they also can pose a threat. Yellow jackets are very aggressive and are capable of stinging more than once. If they feel that their colony is in danger they will swarm and sting. Some people can have serious allergic reactions to stings and many who are at risk are children and the elderly.


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